Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New found freedom - and responsibilities

A lot has been on since I last blogged, but I know many of you keep up to date on my Facebook page. I have grown up a lot, have some new found freedom, and more responsibility. Plus I've started puppy training classes. I'm four and a half months old now, longer legged, more mature, less crazy and loving all the new things I am able to do. Oh, and mummy Lucy's got a new camera, and guess who's the best and favourite model

New experiences

I've been experiencing lots of new things; meeting ducks, chickens, goats, sheep and a pony; going to a dog show; hearing gunshots; going into shops; dog training and much more. I've ignored the animals, not interested in them (might be different if they moved fast though) and didn't bat an eyelid at the gunshot. At the show I loved watching the dogs doing flyball and the fast moving dog display. I'm maturing also which shows in my responses to different things.

My new found freedom

I have started being let off my lead. What a joy it is to run and play without anything attached to you. I have met so many new friends who I have been able to play with properly, and I love it. I was first let off in Hylands Park, then we've been to Hockley Woods a few times. I've never been happier. My recall is perfect; except when there's another dog around, then it takes a lot to get me back again. I am already getting better though, courtesy of cheese as my reward!

New found responsibility
I have a lot more responsibility now. For the first time in over five and a half years, Lucy went out without mummy Kate or a carer - all thanks to me. That's the difference I have made to Lucy's life. I know I have to behave when we're out alone and I do as I am told, walk carefully to heel, and make sure mummy is ok; if she feels unwell and needs to stop, then I just sit at her side until she recovers. Sometimes I get to sit on her lap too, although I know not to ask or beg anymore. Lucy is so proud of me and really hopes the assistance dog charities (Dog A.I.D. and Support Dogs) reopen their books so I could be trained as an assistance dog for her. What a difference a dog makes!
Off out by ourselves
I've started dog training classes now, I've been to two already. The first one was a bit overwhleming, but the second one was great. It is a bit confusing sometimes as there is a Wolfhound puppy called Molly in my class too! I can sit, stay, heel, come, leave, wait, watch me (make eye contact), up, off, and probably other's I'm forgetting. I'm learning paw at home and down at dog training, but I'm no good at the down. I just cannot get the hang of down being associated with actually laying down, no matter how many times I hear it. But Lucy is proud of me all the same and I'm learning fast. When I'm offlead, I will come back when called and sit in the heel position without being asked.
Practising sit and watch me
Practising stay
Sit and stay
I've been living with Lucy and Kate (and Vicky) for 10 weeks today. What a 10 weeks it's been.
Love Molly x



  1. Wow, is it only 10 weeks Molly - you're doing so well and being such a good girl for your Mummy. xx

  2. Molly, you are being such a good girl. No wonder Mama Lucy is so proud of you. I really like the B&W photos. You are very photogenic!

  3. Molly this is my favorite blog ever. I can't believe you have only been with Lucy Mum for ten weeks. You are so smart, it boggles my mind. I look forward to seeing your mischievous antics. They are a LIGHT in my day. xxx

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