Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lots of outings

It’s been a while since I last ‘blogged’, I apologise for that. I’ve just been so busy and Lucy hasn’t been all that well so I have been looking after her.

I am now 15 weeks old and I weigh 6kg; maybe a little thin, but it’s better than being fat! I don’t always eat very well. The vet is very happy with me. I don’t much like having my ears cleaned but Lucy do them, and my eyes regularly; it’s very important to avoid infections. I’ve had a few baths too, which I really do not appreciate.

My training is coming along. I am good with leave, most of the time; I can fetch; in the garden I will come when called; I am learning paw, heel, wait and watch me (when I must look at Lucy/whoever asks so they have my full attention) but I’m still hopeless with down. I start puppy training classes at Billericay Dog Training School on Monday 13th May. I have also learnt to bark when Lucy is awake and her door is shut to let mum/the carers know to go in there, even before she rings on the house phone once (which I wait all morning for). I tell them off too if they don’t open her door quick enough!
I’ve been helping mummy Kate out in the garden too, although I don’t think she appreciated my help. I have helped her weed, plant and sweep – although I don’t like the broom, I think it’s an imposter.
We’ve been on lots of walks. We go to Thundersley Common a lot, and I’ve met so many new friends. We’ve been to Pets at Home too, the sea wall on Canvey Island and Priory Park. I’m having so much fun. I love long grass; it makes me want to run and jump and play. At Priory Park I heard a band play in the band stand; I was scared at first but soon got used to it. They played a James Morrison song and a Michael Jackson one too. Unfortunately I got scared by a man who kept pulling me by my legs, but that was soon forgotten.

I’ll try and update you with some of the funny stories and adventures. I’m still living up to my name!
Please visit my facebook page for photos, I'm having trouble with blogger and uploading my photos :( (of which there are hundeds!)


Love and woofs,

Molly Mischief x


  1. Hello from the States Molly! You are an excellent writer and I enjoy reading about your adventures with your human, Lucy. She seems quite talented as well. Someone shared your Facebook page with me, and now I and look forward to your latest mischief. I hope you enjoy Puppy Class! Yikes! All the best this week!

  2. Hi there. Haatchi recommended your face book page and from there I found your blog. what an inspirational read. I shall look forward to reading about your adventures Molly and Lucy. xxxxx

  3. fantastic work, i really appreciate your working stuff with us. love them a lot. Lost and found

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