Sunday, 21 April 2013

Seafront Walks

It's been a long time since I last wrote because mummy Lucy was in hospital and really not well so couldn't type this for me. She won't get better unfortunately, but we hope this will prevent the problems she was having with her Ileostomy stoma. She's trying hard to get out with me when she can, which is great. I love walks with Lucy as I can sit on her lap! She calls me her navigator as she says my ears stick out like indicators.
Yesterday we went to the seafront at Chalkwell and met some lovely people who thought I am very cute (of course!). Mummy Lucy was really happy because they talked to her, as if the wheelchair wasn't there. I had to walk some of the way which I didn't like, I kept dragging mummy Kate back to Lucy's wheelchair. Lots of people kept saying "aww, puppy!" at me. It was quite windy so we were cold walking one way, but when we turned around we were with the wind so it was much warmer. Mummy Lucy and mummy Kate stopped to have a drink on the way back, and I found some crisps on the floor by the cafe which were yummy. Mummy Lucy kept trying to stop me eating them but I'd sneak them when she wasn't looking. There were only a few, surely they can't hurt?
I met some children too, one of whom kept letting me kiss her head and giggled. Her name was Erin, and I think I made a friend in her. She didn't offer me her dummy though.

When we got home I went straight into the garden and did a wee. I'm getting the hang of that, but I often forget myself and go in the house. I do go in the bathroom when I can, everyone else goes in there, so why can't I?

This morning I helped mummy Kate weed the garden; it was great fun. She said I was a pleasure today as I didn't go mad first thing this morning, I was a good girl. I really enjoyed it, even if I did get a bit carried away at times.

In the afternoon we went for a walk along the cliffs and I walked the furthest I ever have. I kept chasing Lucy still, trying to get back on her lap, but she didn't cave in every time today. She says I have to walk some of the time. We met a Springer Spaniel, also called Molly. She was brown and white, and beautiful. I kept trying to play with her, jumping and dancing around her. She didn't play back though. Her owner and her daughter gave me lots of fuss and said how beautiful I am.

Then we met a lady with a black show Cocker Spaniel called Miley. I tried even harder to play with her! I kept pawing and prancing and standing on my back legs, anything to get her to play, but she just barked at me. The lady was really nice and said I was so cute. Lucy was really happy because she asked why Lucy was in a wheelchair; Lucy always says she loves it when people ask because it opens their eyes and its good for awareness of her conditions.

I didn't go to the toilet at all while we were out, I don't like going in public. So I held on till we got home and went in the garden. It's too exciting to wee!

I'm now falling asleep on mummy's wheelchair, my second favourite place to sleep (my favourite is Lucy's bed).

So that's my update for today. I hope everyone got to enjoy the sun. Well done to everyone who ran in the London marathon.

Molly Mischief xxx


  1. Oh, my! What a beautiful blog. I am in love with Molly and Lucy and absolutely adore this blog. Your pictures are fabulous and the writing tells me I want to take a walk with you. It looks so beautiful where you live!

    I have a blog about women over 50, but also I blog about disabilities because I have Multiple Sclerosis. I'd love to interview you for my blog, or have you write a guest post. Let me know if you'd be interested!

    Love from the States,


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