Sunday, 7 April 2013

Beside the Seaside

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside……

Hasn't the weather been nice these past two days?

Saturday 6th April

We went to the beach today, at Chalkwell/Southend-on-Sea. I didn't like walking, so I rode on mummy's lap much of the time. They kept putting me down and getting me to walk; I mean, what's the point in that when there's a lap going free? So many people said I am cute, adorable, pretty etc. which of course I know I am. I, for the first time, got to properly meet some dogs, and mummy said I was such a good girl. I also saw bicycles and motorbikes for the first time; the motorbikes don't half make a lot of noise. I saw seagulls too. There were children playing on the beach, and I wanted to join them, but mummy said I wasn't allowed because I try to eat everything, and because there weren't any ramps down into the beach where we were walking. I even got to taste a bit of ice cream as mummy Kate had some. It was a bit overwhelming at times though, and I tried to hide myself under the blanket on mummy's lap and I shook a lot. And at other times the wind was really cold so they wrapped me in the blanket to keep me warm. People kept pointing and aweing at me, which I thought was really funny. I got so many strokes and fusses. Some even said I was spoilt! 

I have also acquired a new skill: I ask to go into the garden to do my business. I am so proud of myself. Though I did forget myself this morning and went in the bathroom - people go in there so why shouldn't I? Everyone else had been for a wee and I needed to go too.

I've been out in the garden lots to play, but everything looks good enough to eat; so I try and eat it! Then mummy Kate comes over and takes the stuff out of my mouth, it's so unfair. How can humans not see that sticks, stones, mud, grass and flowers are appetising?

Mummy has been trying to teach me something called "down". She makes me sit and then puts her hand on the floor and won't give the treat to me until I do something - I don't understand what she wants, but mummy says I'll learn in time. I'm a pro at sitting, I do come when they call me most of the time and I will leave things unless it's really good, exciting and/or interesting.

I still don't like it when mummy goes back to sleep in the mornings so I barge her door down and ask to go back on her bed. And I know that one short ring on the house phone means she's awake so I bound down the hall to her room, racing whoever is here. It's great fun!

Sunday 7th April

When we woke up today and realised the weather was nice, mummy Lucy said we should go to Leigh beach this time, where the roads is cobbled and you can sit and look out to see from the seating outside the pubs and restaurants. When we got there all the bikers were there with their scary, loud motorbikes. I was really frightened. We saw some old friends of mummy Kate, so we sat and chatted to them for a while. Lucy and I got mobbed; everyone wanted to come and see me and stroke me. Lucy was so pleased that people didn't treat her differently because of her wheelchair, and she proudly showed me off to them. We walked (well, mummy Kate walked, Lucy and I drove) along the cobbled street until we reached the beach, then walked back to the pub area. By then I wasn't bothered much by the bikes anymore and was being a brave girl with all the other noises and hustle and bustle. Mummy said I was an amazing little girl and that I did well considering that I'm only 11 weeks and this was a lot of stimulation for me. After all, a lot of it is new to me.

They tried to get me to walk a few times, and at one point Lucy drove on ahead - apparently to encourage me to walk - and I panicked as I couldn't see her anymore. I didn't know what to do with myself and got in a bit of a state. Mummy Kate had to try and stop me spinning round so she could pick me up and take me to Lucy, and I was so happy once I got back to Lucy and sat on her lap. I was back in my comfort zone, under my blanket. They tried to get me to walk a second time, but I was so focused on getting back onto Lucy's lap that they gave up. I like it when I get my own way.

At the seating area Mummy Kate and Lucy sat at a table and had a small drink, and I went to sleep on Lucy's lap. A few times they introduced me to other dogs, but I wasn't impressed. I'm above all that! Once they had finished their drinks we walked back to the car and came home. I slept all the way.

As soon as we got home they took me into the garden and I went to the toilet on command. Then we had a bit of a play and a mini training session; mummy Lucy again tried to get me to go "down" but I still don't understand what she means. I did do many good recalls, running and sitting down next to Lucy's chair when she called "Molly come". I got lots of treats and had a great time, even if it only lasted 20 minutes at the most.

I'm now one tired puppy, with two tired humans. But we're all happy, and the effort was worth it.

Licks and woofs,

Molly Mischief x

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