Monday, 1 April 2013


My name is Molly, and I am a Working Cocker Spaniel. My official name is Steyr Scout (a very expensive gun, so my mum was told). I was born on the 18th January 2013 and I am now 10 weeks old. I am currently black and white but will eventually be blue roan; I'm getting more and more black spots in my white coat. My mum says I have the cutest face in the world, and I do think I'm rather beautiful.

When my new family came to meet me and my litter mates, I chose my new mummy Lucy. I was put on her lap and I walked straight up her chest and gave her lots of kisses. They nearly bought one of my brothers, but my hard work paid off. A week later, on the 20th March, they brought me home. I settled in really quickly and I love it here, except the cats who are really boring and won't play with me. I mean, how rude is that?! My new family also found out I'm terrified of the hoover; I think it's going to swallow me up.

I am a companion to a seriously ill and disabled young lady called Lucy. She is in a wheelchair but spends a lot of time in bed, and so do I. I keep her company, make her feel better, give her kisses and snuggle up and we also play together. When Lucy gets in her wheelchair I get to sit on her lap; how cool is that? I have tried to steer it a few times too and I like putting on the hazard lights and indicators. It's great fun!

Lucy is my mummy and she is the one in charge of training me. When I get old enough and have all the basic obedience mastered Lucy hopes to train me as an assistance dog. I already know I have to take my toys to her when we're playing otherwise she can't throw them for me, so I drop them at her feet or let her take it out of my mouth. I always get praised for that, usually I get a treat too. I also sit calmly on her lap while she drives her wheelchair. Mummy thinks I will be easy to train, and I'm so desperate to make her happy that I will do what she asks of me - especially if there is food involved! I love being called a good girl. I can sit really well, I will come when asked, and I can leave things (such as the cats) alone some of the time. Leave is a hard one though. I also sleep through the night in my puppy pen and try hard to go to the toilet on the puppy pads by the back door - I get it right most of the time!

I really do love my family and I can't wait till we can all go out on walks. I know mummy Lucy and mummy Kate (aka Grandma) are looking forward to it. Kate especially, as I go mad in the mornings and I can be mischievous, but I'm good as gold when visitors are round and when Lucy is awake. How can anyone doubt the poor me look that I have been perfecting? Kate thinks being able to walk me first thing in the morning will calm me down a bit. I'm so excited. I only have to wait until Wednesday!

I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures, mishaps and all the stories from my journey through this life.

Licks, love and woofs
Molly Mischief

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  1. Hi Molly! My name's Sherlock!

    It is nice to meet you, I think I can remember when I was as little as you. I'm a Groanup now I'm nearly two so I am much bigger than you but I think you're very clever to already bring toys to your human and drive her wheelchair. But everybody knows that us working cocker spaniels are the cleverest of all!

    I am looking forward to reading all about what you do, and I will tell my human all about it as she seems to be very interested as well!