Wednesday, 3 April 2013

First of many

Mummy Kate and I
Today was ace; I wore my new collar and I went out for a walk for the first time! It was so exciting. All those smells and things to eat that my mummy wouldn't let me consume. Mummy Lucy drove ahead at one point to take photos and I chased after her - great fun. It was really, really cold though. I was shivering so much. We only went to the corner and back, we were out for less than 5 minutes (just as well, as my mummy said). I walked to the corner and got to ride back on mummy's wheelchair so she could wrap me in a blanket. I love helping her steer the wheelchair by chewing the controls, and I like turning on the hazard lights and indicators. Her wheelchair is like an adventure playground. I love it!

In the afternoon, we went out into the garden (which I have been staring at through the door for days, I couldn't wait to get out there). I ran and ran and ran, in between trying to eat moss, grass and twigs and being chased around by mummy Kate as she tried to get them out of my mouth. It was great fun. I didn't quite understand the decking at first, though. I fell off it and ran into it a few times, but then I got the hang of getting on and off it. Mummy said I'll be a great agility dog.
Then, once Mummy Kate had got Lucy out of her wheelchair and into bed, it was time for food. Mummy has been giving me chicken as a treat as I'm not eating enough - life's too exciting to stand and eat! Mummy Kate had buried it under all of the biscuits, but I soon dug it out (I made a bit of a mess with the biscuits in the process though. Oops. Sorry mum). I did eat some biscuits, but the meanie cat Patch walked past and so I had to try and get him to play. I barked and I jumped and I ran around; nothing. I can't understand why he won't play. He's so boring. I know hes old and I know hes tired but come on, how much does it take just to give a good chase?
Patch and I
I’m really getting the hang of the commands mummy is teaching me – when I want to. Mummy says I’m very clever but also stubborn. (Me? Stubborn?). I can sit, come and leave, I know I have to give Lucy my toys so she can throw them for me as she can’t reach them on the floor, and I know that one ring on the house phone means Lucy is awake when she naps during the day. I don’t like the fact that her door gets shut during the day when she sleeps, and I can barge the door down and get to her. I don’t know why she has to shut the door, or why I can’t sleep in bed when she sleeps (something about safety), but I know barging the door will wake her up and then I get a cuddle, and when that phone rings I race mummy Kate (or the carer) to see who can get to Lucy’s door first.

After my exhausting day, I am resting. I'm in bed with mummy Lucy, stretched out on her feet, on her belly or above her head as usual. I've had some good dreams, chasing rabbits and cats. I'm even too tired to play with my toys or have a stuffed puppy Kong.
Nighty night,
Molly Mischief 


  1. Molly, you are adorable and I've really enjoyed reading about all your adventures :-)

  2. I've loved reading your story with tears in my eyes. Both myself and my partner are in wheelchair. Im worried about not been able to manage how difficult are cockers to train